A triangular pyramid with transformations

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"Mathematics in the balance" for primary school students and preschoolers

The mathematical weight balances are a visual tutorial, which can be used in primary schools and pre-school institutions to teach four arithmetic operations. Numerous methods of teaching arithmetic are used at schools, where more emphasis is put on training and memorization.

Common deficiency of these methods is that the child immediately receives an answer to the arithmetic operation, while the purpose of education is not getting a response, but the searching method that promotes the development/progression of logical thinking skills.

With the help of mathematical weights it is possible to show the results of arithmetic operations, compose interesting problems, and find original solutions. The results determination to the arithmetic operations is performed by trial-and-error method.

The structure of mathematical weights


  • Bar - Figure 1

  • B-base - Figure 2

  • Release Button - Figure 3

  • Set of numbers from 1 to 10 (by two pieces) - Figure 4

  • Two-arm lever with scaled divisions/sections from 1 to 10 - Figure 5

  • Set of the C-shaped suspension hooks for hanging the numbers, Figure 6


The bar/stand is set on the basement of the weights, and on the axis of which is put two-arm lever with scaled divisions/sections and it is released by button.

The hanging of numbers to the lever or to each other is made by means of hooks, which are separated from the L – shaped form though their easy rotation/turning around the joint/junction or they are cut with scissors.

To obtain accurate results, the weight of each digit is corrected for jewelry scales with an accuracy of 0.01.

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