Triangular prism and it's transformation

  • Прямоугольник Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Ромб Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Квадрат Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Треугольная пирамида Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Параллелограмм Самвела Мовсисяна
  • tregolnik centrom
  • Сечение треугольной пирамиды Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Теорема трех перпендикулярах Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Cвойство равнобедренного треугольника Самвела Мовсисяна
  •  Cоединение двух разных точек Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Четырехугольник Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Треугольная пирамида с высотой Самвела Мовсисяна

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We present to your attention the unique geometric models and mathematical weight balances. These are the inventions of Mr. SamvelMovsisyan, highly experienced mathematics teacher from Armenia. They are intended for improvement of the effectiveness of education at schools and pre-school institutions. Geometric models are constructed on the principle of telescopic rods. The basis of these models is the principle of transformation that allows to obtain from one geometric shape another one, and then convert it into the next figure, etc. These models provide visibility of the process that allows to solve many of the problems of education. The main issue of geometry teaching is how to develop both imagination and how to impart skills to logical thinking. To achieve these goals it is required to extensively use the visualization in geometry teaching and the method of constructive modeling.

Space polygons and nets – this is a new set of educational geometric models, which is meant for illustration of various space polygons and their nets. The set is intended forallowing to easily get all its nets from each model of space polygons, which in its turn makes it possible to obviously and logically master in receiving the net from space polygons and vice versa - from nets to get to space polygons.

Mathematical weight balances are foreseen to teach arithmetic operations.This manual guide allows the child to receive the result of arithmetic operations not immediately, but through logical reasoning, through trial-and-error method, since the purpose of teaching is not getting a response, but the method of its search, which contributes to the development of logical thinking skills. The weights help in formulation/composing non-standard problems and finding their solutions.

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