Cone and cylinder with them of transformation

  • Вписанный треугольник Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Конус Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Сечение конуса Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Цилиндр Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Сечение цилиндра Самвела Мовсисяна
  • Вписанный четырехугольник Самвела Мовсисяна

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Construction of the cone and the cylinder


For creation of this model at first we fix those rods, which have no metal pins. We fix them against each other.

By means of separately taken circle and the diameterthereof is possible to construct an inscribed triangle, quadrangle.


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